Content Creation Panel Discussion – an Is One Life Enough Post

What are the advantages and disadvantages of web media and how do we put in place strategies to deal with these?

Interested parties are invited to this week’s Is One Life Enough class for a public panel discussion on content creation.


Event: Is One Life Enough, Public Panel Discussion on Content Creation


Time: Wednesday, November 3rd, at 12noon PDT

Location: The Amphitheatre in Dublin Virtually Live


  • Ham Rambler, Founder of Dublin Virtually Live in SL
  • Karly Charlton, Founder of Better Living Design in SL
  • Chantal Harvey, Award-winning Machinima Director
  • Gary Leyden, Panel Moderator and Founder of VRising


Each panel member will open with a 10 minute presentation introducing themselves and explaining their approach to developing content online, giving a brief overview of how they have used their “other life” to develop their business/profile/interests.

This will be followed by a discussion with the class group, guided by moderator/chair. This is aimed at teasing out the advantages as well as the disadvantages/pitfalls of web media and how to put in place strategies to deal with these.


Dublin 2, Shamrogue Island, is home of Dublin Amphitheatre, Bloody Hammer Viking Meeting House, and the Best (And Only) Giraffe Zoo in Virtual Reality.


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