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Looking for something to do?

Your stomach’s full, the dishes are clean, the kids and guests are watching TV, and you’re looking for something to do. But what? Listen to some cool new music, that’s what .

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If you like… then try…
acoustic and folk music One or Castles in the Air
instrumental Run or Waves of Life
electronic Storytelling or Just to Be
parody That’s Second Life
love I Wonder or Hilary
not sure One Life or Living in a Virtual World
surprise me Virtuality or Atrophy in Silence
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IOLE Song Contest Play & Vote Page
These songs bear repeated listening and I enjoy them more each time .
Hypnotic and distant with background noises and echoes. Mysterious and intriguing and the lyrics paint smoky insubstantial images holding out the promise of fulfillment.

The distant echo with ambient background noises gives the impression of an other (or ‘second’) world (or life).

Hypnotic, drifting, otherworldliness, meandering, promise of something new and interesting

This song is amazing. Super voice. Great playing. Technically perfect
It is so fun, this could be SL’s theme song.

The words tell the story of SL. We can all relate our own SL to it.

It has a super honky tonk flavor, yet is modern.

I really really love this song – the words, the melody, the soft humor so like SL.

The marvelous instrumentation

Everybody who listens can relate personally.
It’s about people trying, succeeding and failing and succeeding again.

I like the voices which have flavors of Willy Nelson and Neil Young,

The lyrics reflect very much the theme of the contest but in a way that still stands up in its own right as a song

It captures nicely the unique sense of wonder that Second Life brings.

A realization of alternatives, of difference, of change. It offers a change of perception.
It reminds me of my early days in Second Life, as I explored this “Brave new world.”

Rhythm, simplicity, vocal. Happy song

Good mood, past SL experiences, happiness

Rich and original songs capture the essence of the theme.
Sometimes old-timers think about leaving SL … then you hear a song like this that makes you see why you stay.

Rhythms, voice, balance, lyrics, everything

It is relaxing for me.

It is telling a story and I like the story, telling something beautiful and inspiring.
It makes me feel good.

It triggers a sense of introspection. It makes me think about my life and my second life in more than just a casual manner.

The lyrics are perfect. The production values are excellent. The tunes are memorable and catchy.
Reminds me of my youth

Powerful words. Great lyrics. Haunting styles. Fast, great beats

I like this very much. 

Very well constructed instrumentals to bring different evocative themes to life

Strong main melody

Very relaxed when listening to this, and the harmonic and melodic structure definitely inspiring
This song speaks to love – something all look for in all worlds.

Clever and different interpretations of the question

A feeling of how important each life is


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