FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Virtual Worlds Song Contest Winners Announced

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Virtual Worlds Song Contest Winners Announced

2010_dit_iole_song_win_celticSongs may be heard at the Is One Life Enough Playable Song Page,

Dublin, Ireland – December 1st, 2010 – Winners were announced today for the Virtual Worlds: Is One Life Enough Song Contest. Receiving Judge’s Favorite was One Life by Frederick Reed. Receiving People’s Favorite was Storytelling by Soleil (Tatsuko Ghost and ColeMarie Soleil). Eight additional artists received awards and special mention (see Chart).

The purpose of the contest was to invite leading Second Life Musicians to create original, themed songs for Virtual Environments: Is one life enough, an award-winning course in the professional use of social media, taught by Dublin Institute of Technology. The course is held in the Dublin Virtually Live 3D Web environment in Second Life. Lecturers and students meet weekly, online, as Avatars.

John O’Connor, Course Designer and Head of the Art, Design & Printing School, states, “A thorough knowledge of how online virtual environments and networking communities function is becoming increasingly essential for anyone working in cultural industries. Students establish and maintain virtual relationships and reflect critically on the process through a personal blog and postings on their social networking sites.”  Dublin Institute of Technology is the largest provider of third-level education in Ireland.

John Mahon, Director, Astraeus Airlines and Owner, Dublin Virtually Live, adds, “We have been delighted to host John’s ground-breaking course in our virtual facilities. Is One Life Enough is a particularly evocative theme that can be expressed musically as well as socially and professionally. Hence, our suggesting the song contest.” Dublin Virtually Live is a recreation of Dublin City online, celebrating the music, art, culture, and enterprise of Ireland.

Entries were received over a month-long invitation period, then posted for voting in November. 

James Neville, Contest Manager, explains, “Artists were given free rein to express themselves. The variety of styles received is astonishing. Production and technique reflect the highly professional level of Second Life artists. Beyond that, their work is deeply moving. Their songs cover love, life, expression, and inspiration in a variety of musical styles. The appreciative comments from voters are simply amazing.”

All artists who participated will receive prizes and promotion. Songs may be heard at the Is One Life Enough Playable Song Page,

Is One Life Enough Song Contest At A Glance

Sponsors: Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin Virtually Live, Siterma, VRising, Solace Beach Estates, Tony Moore Music, Free Play VL Online Music Journal

Playable Song Page: 
(includes playable songs, lyrics, and artist bio links)


  Song and Artist Award Sample Comments
First’s One Life by Frederick Reed Judge’s Favorite The lyrics are perfect. The production values are excellent. The tune is memorable and catchy.
  Storytelling by Soleil People’s Favorite Hypnotic, drifting, otherworldliness, promise of something new and interesting
  Castles in the Air by Dan Lange Best Folk This song is amazing. A super voice. Great harmonica.  Technically perfect. So fun
  That’s Second Life by Potlatch Foggarty* Best Parody, Best Humor The song reflects my experiences in SL, as well as my frustrations, but inspires me to continue.
Second’s One by Pol Arida* Best Acoustic, Best Contemporary It unites people. It’s uplifting. Makes each individual feel like they have a voice. Makes people optimistic about change
  Run by Kourosh Dini Best Instrumental, Best Keyboard I feel very relaxed when listening to this. The harmonic and melodic structure are inspiring.
  Atrophy in Silence by ColeMarie Soleil Best Ambient There is a somber element here that is somehow restful, even as it elicits a depth of emotion.
  Living in a Virtual World by Jasher Faith* People’s Runner Up It answers the question, that one life is *not* enough, and demonstrates that we are already living in more than one: a physical, a dream, and perhaps a virtual life as well.
  I Wonder by Potlatch Foggarty* Best Vocal This song speaks to love as something we look for in all worlds.
Third’s Waves of Life by Soundcircel Flanagan* Instrumental Runner Up
  Hilary by Soundcircel Flanagan* Best Love Song  
  Virtuality by Edward Lee Lamoureux Best Retro  
  Just to Be by Cyberpiper Roelofs* Best New Age  

*Avatar Name


2 Responses to “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Virtual Worlds Song Contest Winners Announced”

  1. Cellandra Zon Says:

    CONGRATS Freddie…WOWO COLIE, Delinda would be soo proud. This is fantastic news.

  2. SherpaKroto Says:

    FunkyFreddy: Well done, mon frere! Hope to see you on the 27th :)

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