Nom en ligne (online name)

french_foreign_legion It’s about time we had a special name for a second name used for online branding.

Sitearm is my nom en ligne (online name).

Nom en ligne sounds classier than user name, screen name, login name, or nickname. These latter are mundane, whereas nom en ligne follows a historic tradition of elegantly named, special-purpose pseudonyms such as nom de plume (pen name) and nom de guerre (war name).

User names get assigned by third parties; noms en ligne are self selected. User names vary from system to system; noms en ligne carry across systems to indicate created, persistent, online identities.

There are many reasons for using a pseudonym. It’s about time we had a special name for a second name used for online branding. Use yours proudly!

A pen name, or nom de plume, is a pseudonym adopted by authors or their publishers. A famous example is Samuel Clemens’ writing under the pen name Mark Twain. A war name, or nom de guerre, is a pseudonym adopted by recruits in the French Foreign Legion as part of the break with their past lives.

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3 Responses to “Nom en ligne (online name)”

  1. Gwyneth Llewelyn Says:

    I like the idea :) My own avatar name is a registered literary pseudonym and a registered trademark, but those words are too awkward to say in polite conversation — specially among the anti-IP group hehe ;)

    Nom en ligne sounds great to me!

  2. sitearm Says:

    @Gwyneth; ExACTly! The more I looked into this, the more examples I found. Here’s another:

      An art-name (in Japanese, “go”) is a pseudonym, or pen-name, used by an Japanese artist, which they sometimes change. In some cases, artists adopted different go at different stages of their career, usually to mark significant changes in their life. One of the most extreme examples of this is Hokusai, who in the period 1798 to 1806 alone used no less than six!
  3. Avatars in the Comfort Zone | Virtual Online Language Learning Says:

    […] of nom de ligne (Sitearm:”Nom en ligne  -online name. December 23, 2010. Accessed from: February 23, […]

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