Ultraviolet – A Brief Review

Ultraviolet231205Ultraviolet is a movie I praise, having watched it several times. It’s available to see online, free, with minor commercials, at http://www.crackle.com/c/Ultraviolet.

I love Milla Jovovich’s performances. I love the effects and treatment, the dramatic characters, the futuristic sci-fi / genetic theme; the overall positive message.

Milla is also way cool in The Fifth Element movie and the Resident Evil series. Along those lines I also love Kate Beckinsale‘s performances in the Underworld movie series. These actresses play kick-butt gals who also have a (kind of) soft spot.

And of course there’s Uma Thurman‘s performance in the Kill Bill duo.

Why do people like kick-butt girls? Why do I? I don’t know exactly, but my theory is, that women, along with men, have always ruled the world. Some say that women invented men to help share the burden / have more fun. Take your pick! Men have caught on (finally!). Hey, it’s a hypothesis!


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