Turing Filter For Social Media?

turing filter image

It would be like a spam filter for fake opinion posts.

The way the article was titled, Google search to reward high-quali​ty sites, I thought, great, another popularity contest for the masses. Then I read the article.

The situation is better than the title implies: Google is adding search algorithms to distinguish sites with original content from sites loaded with ripped-off content and/or meaningless keywords.

Then I remembered a story from last week, about fake social media user software being developed for the establishment or the conservatives, take your pick, to promote political agendas using fake social media user identities to make repeated opinion posts to raise (or lower) a political position’s profile.

So does this mean Google is developing the first Turing Filter For Social Media? Let’s see, how would that work? If an article truly reads as if a real, original person wrote it, then the article passes as “human” and is given a higher search ranking. If an article reads like a bunch of other articles on the net, as if lobbyists were using fake multiple identities to say the same thing, then the article does not pass and is given a lower search ranking.

It would be like a spam filter for fake opinion posts: Is this a real person or is this a hack?

I’d not even be speculating on this if I’d not also heard, just today, that even Amazon is developing algorithms to distinguish book reviews with original content from spam reviews from fake users, entered to raise (or lower) a book’s profile. I want one of these Turing Filters on my news feeds as soon as possible. I might even sign up for more blogs that way.

a ”hack” is a writer who works on order, forfeiting originality in exchange for other assured reward


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