That’s a wrap – SDJAM 2011

sdjam Well, SDJAM 2011, the San Diego Second Life Meet Up & Music Jam 2011, is a wrap. I’m sitting reflecting on the experience.

This was the first Music Jam I’ve attended. The first thing I noticed is the informality. This is not a “concert” per se. Friday night, people are still setting up the room – equipment, snacks, decorations – even as artists are already playing. And, my god, are they playing – and fiddling with the mixer board – as GORgeous sounds and harmonies are coming out.

It settles down and artists get up and artists get down, mixing and matching and playing, as the audience is listening and talking and eating. This is a reLAXed experience and the creative juices are flowing all around. Saturday it’s the same all day. You walk in, you walk out; hey, it’s a JAM. The evening “formal” scheduled concert starts. A friend of mine comes and is gluED to their chair, enjoying the sets. Concert or not, the playing stops for a birthday celebration for Ayesha Lytton, SDJAM founder, sponsor, and Solace Beach Estates Community Manager par excellence.

Sunday we’re back to the informal, impromptu program and – how can it be possible?! – the music and energy levels go even higher. I especially enjoyed Maximillion Kleene ripping at guitar and Tamra Hayden adding a bouncing bongo beat.

I can’t possibly review all the artists and who played what and with whom – it was just over the top. But you CAN watch highlight recordings on SDJAM USTREAM and GOOD TIME MUSIC YOUTUBE. Special kudos to Chrissy Wyman, Ayesha’s assistant and room manager, who took EXcellent care of all of us.


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