I’m in Ojai, California, visiting friends. It’s a small mountain town with a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by green and mountains and forest. I’ve been exploring the town proper, walking up and down main street. 

I had an excellent seafood lunch and relaxing cafe coffee, sitting outside looking at the passers by, trees, mountains and what not. The local library graciously gave me a card to borrow books to read while I’m here.

I window shopped gift shops on the way back to my motel and selected several to go inside and look around, tomorrow. Were I ambitious, I might try the local walking trail; and were I epicurean, I might try one of the local spas. It’s just so darn relaxing… decisions, decisions!

The town is part of Ventura County and comprises about 8,000 residents. It’s big enough to have its own school system. Having children adds a lot to the experience of being here. There are things to do IN town for the kids, and it’s not so far away they can’t see the rest of the world. And as for the parents, well, did I mention how pretty and relaxing it is, here in Ojai?


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