Why Music Is Like Religion

shielded-by-ineffable-names-thus-i-rule-stephen-lucasMusic is like Religion. You like it, or you don’t. And even when you do, there are still sub-genres, some of which you like, and some of which you don’t like.

Music and Religion appeal to what cannot be spoken, but only experienced by the senses, never mind that they are spoken about all the time.

Music and Religion have the power to inspire and enliven us, never mind that we are disenfranchised, by others, in the name of music and religion. So and so is no true artist, they say. Such and such is no true tenet, they say.

William James wrote an entire book on The Varieties of Religious Experience. Distinguish the experience, which is human, from the institutions, which are social. Music is like that: there is a place for organization, but never confuse the institution, of music, for the real thing.

Sitearm is le nom en ligne for James Neville, Strategist and Expediter for Virtual Worlds Projects in Business, Music, Tourism, Arts
Image By Stephen Lucas


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