Avatar Physics in Second Life Viewer 2

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On a tip from a friend I checked, and confirmed, you can now enable Avatar Physics in Second Life Viewer 2.

For those not in the know, until now, “Avatar Physics” is a euphemism for “Breast Physics,” an incredibly nice aesthetic option first enabled in 2010 on the Phoenix Viewer, but not added until April 2011 this year on the Linden Lab “official” viewer.

Avatar Physics in V2 includes Belly Bounce, Butt Bounce, Butt Sway for guys as well as gals. These are nice features but the beauty to the eye of the bosom beholder are Breasts Bounce, Breasts Cleavage, and Breasts Sway. Check out the video, need I say more?

How to Enable Avatar Physics in Your Avatar – QUICK START

Use these steps to create a wearable physics item called “Avatar Physics 10%” that you can use with ANY of your existing outfits or, for that matter, wearing nothing but your skin. For guys, your belly and butt will bounce. For gals, your breasts will bounce too.

Get Started

1. Open Viewer 2 (must be version 2.6 or higher; if you don’t have the latest version, download it here).
2. Go to a Private Place (unless you like being watched while you fiddle with your physics… or your gender, for that matter)

Create Some Physics

3. On the top menu bar, click Me, and then My Appearance
4. On the bottom left of the side menu bar, click the gear symbol
5. Now click New Clothes, and then New Physics – an Editing Physics menu will appear
6. In the text label area, type “Avatar Physics 10%” (or any other name you can remember)
7. Click each of the six body items and set Max Effect to “10.” (do not change Spring, Gain, or Damping; these are already set to good values; or if you change them, write down their original values for later)
8. At the bottom of the Physics menu, click Save As – a confirmation window appears
9. Click OK


10. Check your Inventory. In the Clothing folder there is now a new item, Avatar Physics 10%, which you are already currently wearing
11. Now dance, or jump, or move and observe your jiggle
12. Still curious? Create another wearable physics item called Avatar Physics 20%  (or whatever – hint: if you dance while editing your physics, you can see the different effects live)
13. Happy now? Then go clubbing, sporting, visiting and show yourself off (hint: your friends will need Viewer 2 or one of the other viewers with Avatar Physics, listed below, to see your jiggle!)
14. Go wild, turn the settings WAY past 10%, change your gender to see how the other half jiggle… I mean, live


Here are Second Life viewers with Avatar Physics, so far. Any of them will work with your Second Life Account. If you don’t have a Second Life account you can get one, for free, here.

Second Life Viewer 2 with Avatar Physics (Official Linden Lab Version)

Singularity Viewer for Second Life with Avatar Physics

Phoenix Viewer for Second Life with Avatar Physics

Imprudence Viewer for Second Life with Avatar Physics

And here are enticing Avatar Physics details from the Second Life Knowledge Base, Viewer 2 Help, and my experience so far.

Enhanced avatar physics enables you to customize the way your avatar’s breasts, belly, and butt bounce and sway in response to your avatar’s movements. You can make the effect subtle and realistic, or wild and crazy — whatever you want.

If your avatar uses this feature, your avatar physics movement is visible to anyone using Viewer 2.6.3 or later. Anyone using an earlier version of the Viewer cannot see avatar physics movement.

If you don’t want this feature to affect your avatar, don’t worry — you don’t need to do anything to keep your avatar the same as it’s always been. Your avatar won’t move any differently unless you put on a physics wearable item, as described below.

Max effect: Controls the maximum range of movement. If set to 0, the feature is off.

Spring: Controls the speed of vibration. A higher number means your body part will vibrate more quickly.
Gain: Controls the size of the effect when movement is triggered. A higher number causes a larger effect.
Damping: Controls how long it takes for movement to stop after it’s triggered. A higher number causes the movement to stop sooner.

Breasts Bounce: up and down motion
Breasts Cleavage: in and out motion (toward and away from each other)
Breasts Sway: left and right motion
Belly Bounce: up and down motion
Butt Bounce: up and down motion
Butt Sway: left and right motion

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One Response to “Avatar Physics in Second Life Viewer 2”

  1. mrsspooky Says:

    The latest version of Phoenix has it. Right after downloading it, I went in and played with the sliders without knowing what I was doing then forgot about it. Went to pay my parcel rent and was talking with the sales guy (who rented me the parcel). I got to the payment prim when he PMs me to tell me my t-shirt was making him crazy. I thought “huh?” Panned my camera around and my boobs were vibrating like I had kittens in there trying to get out. The Phoenix blog has recommended settings, which I tried and they work really well.

    Moral of the story – don’t just play with settings and sliders without knowing what they do!!

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