Mixed Modality Conferences Multiplier Effect

multipler effect slideSLCC, aka Second Life Community Convention, is an example of a mixed modality conference with multipler effect.

Each session features a live speaker or performer. But many speakers bring in additional remote speakers, by web, to co-present. Each session is presented to a live audience. But each session is webcast to a remote audience, in Second Life and on web browsers.

Having live and remote speakers presenting, interactively, to live and remote listeners (see diagram), results in a multiplier effect.

Mixed modality conferences make it possible for more speakers to present and larger audiences to attend than do live-only conferences. This is critical for conferences with worldwide scope.

Mixed modality conferences retain the advantages of traditional conferences, such as energy, live networking, meeting sponsors, and sightseeing. Mixed modality conferences add multiplier advantages, including recording presentations to a web archive. Presenters may reach even more listeners by posting links to session recordings, after the conference, in their personal blogs and websites.

Second Life Community Convention
Dr. John Jamison – Why use Second Life for education? Dublin Institute of Technology Online Campus, Dublin Virtually Live
Case Study: Implementing a Global Conference Using 3D Web

Multiplier image courtesy Siterma The World In 4D

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