FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: James Neville named Commerce & Marketing Track Leader for the Official United States Convention of the Second Life Community

james neville photoJames Neville, CEO, Siterma The World In 4D, has been named Commerce & Marketing Track Leader for SLCC, the Official United States Convention of the Second Life Community.

The Second Life Community Convention [] is a professional and community conference organized for Second Life® residents by Second Life residents. Second Life is the world’s leading 3D Web virtual environment and virtual goods economy. The Commerce & Marketing track features sessions related to doing business in and around Second Life®, including third party developers, private entrepreneurs, in-world and enterprise businesses, and corporations and organizations using Second Life for marketing, fundraising, product research, and focus groups.

Neville states, “I’ve attended and presented at the SLCC and became a volunteer starting last year [2010]. I was pleased to have a paper accepted for this year’s conference, and surprised and honored to accept the board’s invitation to lead Commerce & Marketing.” SLCC is operated by AvaCon, Inc., a non-profit organization promoting growth and development of 3D immersive and virtual spaces. This is the seventh annual SLCC conference.

Siterma The World In 4D [] performs 3D Web Projects in Business, Music, Tourism, Arts. Located in Greater Houston, Siterma is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and the Association of Virtual Worlds. Showcase projects include Dublin Virtually Live, a recreation of Dublin City online featuring partnerships with Dublin Tourism and Dublin Institute of Technology. Siterma manages Solution Provider Exposition, an online trade show for developers of virtual environment experiences, and Sister Cities and Friends, an online chamber of commerce for 3D social networking media providing international entertainment.

Neville is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, earning degrees in Physics and Systems Engineering and assistantships in teaching and research. His thesis work was on the Mesarovic-Pestel World Model, a project of the Club of Rome.

Neville worked for Exxon, now ExxonMobil, in logistics, engineering, marketing, and communications information systems. During his tenure with Exxon, Neville chaired the Exxon Chemical Science Education Workgroup, an award-winning community outreach program working with public and private school systems.

After completing courses in business and entrepreneurship, Neville began Development One LLC, founding organization for Siterma The World In 4D. James Neville is known online as Sitearm, his nom en ligne (online name).

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