SLCC 2011 – Call for Proposals

oakland_night_skyline_web_by_thedudeSecond Life Residents are invited to attend and / or present at the Second Life Community Convention in Oakland, California this August 12-14. SLCC is a Linden Lab-sponsored, non-profit event, as announced in Lexie Linden’s Featured News Post.



Attending live provides a higher level of energy, social networking, and meeting sponsors and management. You should consider attending SLCC live if you have…
. Friends and / or business partners you would like to catch up with in person,
. Key presenters and / or sponsor representatives you would like to meet in person.


Presenting live provides a higher level of attention and focus on your work. You should consider presenting at SLCC if you have…
. A valuable experience to share, especially “how to” tips for success,
. Plans to expand your base and / or awareness of your service.
. Interest in your presentation being recorded for later posting, by you, in blogs and websites.


SLCC is a “mixed-modality” live-remote conference with twice the content and reach of a traditional conference. 
. If you cannot attend live, consider watching web-casts in-world, or on your browser, as a remote listener.
. If you cannot present live, consider asking a friend, who is presenting live, to include you as a remote co-speaker.


The estimated budget to attend SLCC is $900 to $1400 per person (continental US). You can reduce costs substantially if you plan and commit now, to take advantage of discounts as well as sharing expenses with others.


Second Life Community Convention 2011! Registration Now Open!

SLCC – Call for Proposals
SLCC – General Schedule
SLCC – Registration
SLCC – Oakland Marriott City Center Discount Registration

Mixed-Modality Conference – Multiplier Effect
The Creative Economy In Second Life

Details for Presenters

You may submit proposals for presentation at any of this year’s SLCC tracks. The Submit Your Proposal Form is here.

Artistic & Creative Expression. This track celebrates the diversity of artistic and creative endeavors in Second Life. This can include large scale immersive art installations, ballet, theatre, performance art, machinima, literary arts, clothing designs, virtual fashions, architecture, music performances and other cultural expressions. Track Leader is Manx Wharton.

Commerce & Marketing. The Commerce & Marketing track will feature sessions that cover a broad range of uses related to doing business in and around Second Life, including third party developers, private entrepreneurs, in-world and enterprise businesses, as well as corporations and organizations using Second Life for marketing, fundraising, product research, focus groups, and more. Track Leader is Sitearm Madonna.

Developers & Open Source. This track covers topics of interest to developers, including those participating in Snowstorm viewer development, applications that run in and along side Second Life, third party viewers, OpenSim and the Hypergrid, as well as the more technical details of content creation including 3D modeling, mesh, and emerging technology tools that make Second Life tick!

Public Service & Education. Second Life has become an extraordinary laboratory for educators, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to explore how virtual worlds can best serve public needs. This track will cover topics that showcase the very best techniques for delivering education and conducting philanthropy, outreach, training, simulations, clinical studies, and research initiatives in Second Life. Track Leader is Shirley Marquez.

Social Experience & Communities. Second Life offers communities for nearly every interest, from role playing groups to science fiction communities, to virtual towns and interest groups, historical explorations, religious and spiritual communities, book clubs, and so much more. This track will feature sessions that focus on sharing about and improving the social experience of Second Life Residents. Track Leader is Hydra Shaftoe.


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