SLCC 2011, August 12-14: Early Registration & Discounts

SLCC 2010 Art 1024x591Are you creative? Business-like? Technical? Are you philanthropic? Profit-oriented? An activist for social change?  Did you know that the most successful communities in the world … with the highest talent, the highest tech, the highest quality of life … also have the highest tolerance for all those individual temperaments above? It’s fact. Find out more at "The Creative Economy in Second Life," coming as one of the many presentations this August 12-14 in Oakland, CA.

Do you like live conferences? Prefer remote? Like to present? Prefer to listen? Like to party? Prefer one on one conversation? Read about and register now for the Second Life Community Convention. More at

SLCC 2010 Presenter 1024x591SLCC is the Official United States Convention of the Second Life Community. It is a Linden Lab-sponsored, non-profit event. Substantial discounts are available via early planning, including registration and conference hotel.

Second Life® is the world’s leading 3D Web virtual environment and virtual goods economy. The Second Life Community Convention is a professional and community conference organized for Second Life® residents by Second Life residents.

Presentation tracks include Artistic & Creative Expression, Commerce & Marketing, Developers & Open Source, Public Service & Education, and Social Experience & Communities.

SLCC 2010 Keynote Lunch 1024x591Oakland Marriott City Center
Oakland, CA


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