SLCC 2011 Sims Sneak Preview

slcc sims sneak preview ANNOTATED 2

A verbatim report from “Sam the Snoop”

Psst! Hey! I got a “sneak preview” of the Second Life Community Convention Sims, where the Oakland presentations are gonna’ be simulcast for remote listeners too cheap to ante up for the real deal.

I knew there was gonna’ be expose-class material there and, boy howdy, did I find some doozies.

First, the old “Swan” logo is still up all over the place. Come on, this isn’t 2010 anymore! Where’s the new logo?! All I could learn from a highly placed source was, “it’s in the works.”

Next, I ran into, or rather, FLEW into a ginormous desk sitting smack dab in the middle of a major highway. Talk about poor traffic flow! Come to find out it belongs to a mysterious dame by the name of “Fleep”. All my source would tell me, cryptically, was “Make some people Director and there go the Sims.”

Then bingo! I discover the cozy little secret no one wanted you to know: each Track Leader has an entire HOUSE for their office. Or should I say, “office”. Who knows what kind of wild parties they have in there? Partying when they should be recruiting.

On the plus side, I DID find evidence of serious new building for the conference. All I could see were generic gray plates. I’ll sneak in again later and find out more.

Signing Out;


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