Virtual Conference Venues – A Builder’s Perspective; by Xavier Sockington

Bradbury As promised, here are build images and builder’s perspective from Xavier Sockington, SLCC 2011 In-world Build Manager.

The Second Life Community Convention is a professional and community conference organized for Second Life® residents by Second Life residents. Second Life® is the world’s leading 3D Web virtual environment and virtual goods economy.

Virtual Conference Venues – A Builder’s Perspective; by Xavier Sockington

I accepted the role as the SLCC ’11 In-world Build manager for the main reason that the task was an extreme challenge.

When attending different mixed-mode conferences in Second Life, I have often found that the in-world meeting point is nothing more than a set of chairs and a video screen. Can you imagine: your boss sends you to a conference, you show up, and and they have you sit in a circle with a TV in front of you? Why use this type of environment for a Second Life conference, when we know better from years of experience? And especially for a prestigious conference like the SLCC.


Fox_TheaterThis year I’ve selected three landmark builds from the Bay Area, based on two objectives. One, will this build impress and create awe when translated into prims. And two, can the build be easily translated into a useable meeting site in Second Life.

I’ve found that the biggest challenge of mixed-mode conferences, in terms of meeting sites, is the ability for the site to accommodate newer residents and still impress experienced residents. The test is usability for one; and sticking around for the other, even if they are years old or actually physically at the conference. I mean, if you are at the conference, there isn’t much reason to log into an ugly build in SL.

Around Second Life, it seems to me, most meeting sites cater to one or the other audience but never both. The Boston Builds from last year, which we are keeping, succeed at providing accessibility to newer avatars and impressiveness to experienced residents. I am confident that the Oakland / San Francisco Builds our team is adding this year will meet or surpass last year’s standards. Like last year, we have a number of experienced builders, animators, sculptors and enthusiastic volunteers. I am fortunate to be surrounded by great creators.


MOMAAnother goal with the sims this year is to create “pocket” areas where groups of people can come and play, meet, and chat, between presentations, about what they’ve heard. K.R. Engineering has donated to SLCC a number of group games, and TUFF has donated sail boats for people to cruise the water ways.

I’m also focusing on some small group gathering spaces that are out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the sims. These areas will be a nice and relaxing area for people to collaborate and meet with each other.

build images courtesy Xavier Sockington


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