I am looking for bright, personable, Second Life Content Creators to present and moderate at SLCC

slcc panel by jeska d1. I am looking for a bright, personable, Second Life Content Creator to present at SLCC about content creation about what they make and how they market it, along with their suggested tips for success.

2. I am looking for a bright, personable Second Life Content Creator to moderate a panel at SLCC showcasing several content creators about what they make and how they market it, along with their suggested tips for success.

These are volunteer positions and you must pay your own registration and expenses. However, there is a registration discount for presenters and moderators.


If you’re not familiar with SLCC, it is the Second Life Community Convention held once a year, this year in Oakland, California, eight miles from San Francisco and Linden Lab Headquarters.

SLCC is a non-profit, "mixed-mode" conference, meaning you can attend it Live or you can attend it Remote. All presentations are webcast live, as well as recorded, so that all Second Life Residents have access to the material.

SLCC is organized by Second Life Residents, for Second Life Residents. The principal sponsor of SLCC is Linden Lab. There are additional sponsors from among the Second Life resident community.

If you are interested and financially and physically able to attend and present live, or to attend and moderate live, please contact Sitearm Madonna by email at sitearm @ gmail . com.


Allow from 900 to 1500 USD for registration and travel. There are excellent discounts available for planning ahead and even more so if you travel with a buddy or share expenses with a roommate. Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is included in the registration fee (275 without discount, 250 for presenters and moderators).

Please note that registration fees cover not only the venue but also the equipment and bandwidth fees to webcast the conference live to all Second Life residents.

If you want to get the word out about yourself and your work, and / or if you have friends you would like to get on stage, consider attending and moderating or co-presenting live.

Remote Speakers are welcome as long as there is a Live Moderator, or Live Co-Presenter, to compere (MC) them from Oakland.


The Oakland Marriott is a 3 star plus conference hotel. The rate is 109 USD per night for up to four roomates at no extra charge and wireless is included. You must be registered with SLCC to get the hotel discount rate.

Fly into Oakland Airport, 8 miles from the hotel, or San Francisco Airport, 26 miles from the hotel.

The presentation days are all-day Saturday, August 13th; and Sunday, August 14th.  Mixers and meetups start Thursday night and all-day Friday.

More at: http://www.slconvention.org
or: email to sitearm @ gmail . com

slcc image courtesy jeska d


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