The Third “T” is for Tolerance

tolerance image by gonzaga universityLast year I reported on Richard Florida’s work, presented at The UP Experience, on “World Mega-Regions and The Creative Economy.” Paraphrased, Florida reported that there are “Three T’s” predicting community success, as in a strong economy and a high quality of life. These are: Technology, Talent, and Tolerance.

In a recent presentation about The Creative Economy In Second Life, I suggested that the third “T,” Tolerance, is one of the current issues regarding SL’s predictable continued future success.

Issue: Tolerance of Non-Humanoid Avatars (e.g., Furry)
Issue: Tolerance of Corporate Enterprise (e.g., Corporations)
Issue: Tolerance of Alternative Lifestyle (e.g., Gay / Lesbian)
Issue: Tolerance of Sexual Expression (e.g., XXX)

The rules of “Netiquette” are that, for the estates you manage, you publish your standards so that visitors may know and observe them. But also, that when visiting or working with other estates, you take the time to learn and honor their standards as well.

Whether you agree with them or not, you are in their “home”.

tolerance image courtesy Gonzaga University


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