SLCC 2011 In World Builder Update #2

Hatch KeynoteSLCC is the Second Life Community Convention, held once a year for residents by residents. Second Life® is the world’s leading 3D Web virtual environment and virtual goods economy.

SLCC is available for viewing by all SL Residents in three venues:
. Real World: Oakland, CA, August 13-14
. In World: Second Life, SLCC Sims, August 13-14
. Home: Your Favorite Internet Browser

SLCC 2011 has scheduled 50 speakers, distributed across
30 keynotes, presentations and panels, addressing all areas of SL Resident interest. The presentations are being webcast LIVE, as well as RECORDED, for viewing by all SL Residents at their convenience. More at:

Jadyn Firehawk (MOMA Building)

I joined the SLCC build team last year for the Boston conference and was looking forward to building again this year. I love the challenge of doing replicas, and I love the fact that my builds are getting put to such good use.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art building is a bold design and it’s been fascinating to figure out how to best render it in SL, especially given the fact that it’s impossible to find good photographs of every single detail. For parts of the interior, it’s been sheer guesswork. I’ve also enjoyed doing a modern build for a change, since my usual specialty is American historical homes.

I got recruited to build for SLCC 2010 by Xavier Sockington, and I’m building again this year because it was so much fun to do the first time around. And, let’s face it, I’m addicted to building.

I’m planning to come to the keynotes and also to follow what’s happening in the Public Service & Education sessions, since I’m an educator both in RL and in SL.

Adele Rhiadra (Zoe’s Garden)

I’m very excited to be a part of SLCC 2011, as I think that it is a wonderful way to bring many of the various aspects of Second Life together in one place.  It is an enjoyable challenge to design landscaping that will not only fit with the theme of the incredible builds, but will also provide a reason for the attendees to walk and explore the entire experience offered by SLCC 2011.

My work typically involves detailed smaller builds, items destined to be placed in someone else’s home as an accent piece, or a landscaping item that others will use to design their home or business.  It is a thrilling opportunity to be able to use my items to design on such a large scale and see my work in a finished setting.

I think it is a great event. Second Life has been an amazing creative outlet for me and I know that it has offered innumerable valuable experiences for others as well. I absolutely love the fact that Second Life can be so many different things to so many people, and I think that an event that brings residents of Second Life together to share what Second Life means to them is an exciting concept.

I would like to see some of the webcasts having to do with mesh, as well as some of the other webcasts having to do with artistic expression, specifically photography.

Hatch image courtesy Xavier Sockington

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