SLCC 2011 Sunday Notes & Pics

SLCC 2011 is “history,” complete and recorded. My feet are killing me!

Here [left] are a few more selected photos, including Aliza Sherman’s (SL: Cybergrrl Oh) morning keynote, the Linden Lab’s (Product Team) keynote, more Commerce & Marketing Track shots, lunch, and lindens.

I’ve posted, separately, slides from Future of Commerce in Second Life, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and Creative Economy in Second Life.


SLCC 2011 has been a good experience for Live and Remote, and Resident and Linden attendees. My favorite quote at lunch, from a linden staffer, was, “We [all 23 of us] CHOSE to be here.

In other words, Residents and Lindens are eager and ready to reconnect. I think this conference has been the kick start for that reconnecting to happen. Kudos to AvaCon and Linden Lab!


On a personal note, my head is swimming with new words for the day, including “economic mega-region,” “usability and engagement”, “economic participation,” and “personal branding.”

The afternoon keynote identified Seven Product Team Contacts for us to be aware of:
ArtDurian Linden
GamingGez Linden
Role PlayingEsbee Linden
AdultCharla Linen
Geo Linden
Nya Linden
FashionCassandra Linden

Concluding Thoughts

I was encouraged, again, by the quality of the speakers and the energy of the participants (live and remote) to re-engage and re-connect.

Put SLCC 2012, First or Second Weekend in August, Boston, on your calendars now. Watch for more 2011 articles and pictures this week. Recordings of 2011 sessions will be available in about a week from the SL Convention Web Site.

And a final reflection: We are living in a world of turmoil and change, in real life and second life. There is a new vision emerging, not formed yet. We are all part of forging that vision. So…

Stay Connected… Enjoy… Engage… Share!

ALSO SEE: SLCC 2011 Saturday Notes & Pics

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