Jack London Square; Or: “Adventures in Exploring Real Life (Again)”

kim and train station antique safeWith SLCC ended, it was time for Kim Anubis, my fellow virtual developer and real world explorer, and I, to return to our respective digs. In other words, it was Time To Return To The Real World. *ominous music*

Kim, experienced in The Ways Of The Rail, took the lead. We donned backpacks and protective headgear and left the safety of the hotel. Within minutes, we bagged a local shuttle to take us to Jack London Square, a Key Rail Node. The driver dropped us at what he assured us was, “the right stop.” We looked, unsure which way to turn, when another traveler encouraged us: “That way!”

james and cheemah statue

Guided by Kim, I purchased my first-ever Amtrak ticket. Bursting with confidence at our success, and having a few hours to spare, we set out to trek and explore the local scene. Strange and wonderful sights greeted us: statues, and fountains, and more statues! Shop windows enticed us, displaying kayaks, art, and all manner of exotic pastries.

Alas! These stores were not open, and our energy began to wane. Where would we rest and replenish? On the verge of desperation, we retraced our steps, and stumbled upon safe haven to sit, drink coffee, and chat. Many sights entertained us, such as people and water and boats, as we further Discussed Deep Matters.

Restored, we hoofed it back to the station and caught the Elusive Amtrak – an enormous, rumbling, grumbling beast for travel, from which to view many more Exotic Real World Sights.

But that is a story for another day…kim and james and jack london statue

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  1. Thanks for a Fantastic SLCC 2011! – SLCC - Official United States Convention of the Second Life Community Says:

    […] Jack London Square; Or: “Adventures in Exploring Real Life (Again)” – Sitearm […]

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