SLCC 2011 Selected Photos by Richard Finkelstein (SL: Leko Littlebird)

Fantastic high-resolution photos from SLCC 2011!
For higher resolution, click each image
For fuller description, click each
See terms of use at bottom.

01 Pete Linden moderatingPete Linden moderating

02 Four Lindens and a primFour Lindens and a prim

03 Patty raising her handsPatty raising her hands

04 Patty SmilingPatty smiling

05 Aliza with toy friendAliza with toy friend

06 Aliza shaking handsAliza shaking hands

07 Kim and RonKim and Ron

08 Chris and KimChris and Kim

09 Rod grinningRod grinning

10 James and Ron shake handsJames and Rod shake hands

11 Rod and the crowdRod and the crowd

12 Brett and HIS crowdBrett and HIS crowd

13 Craxtor vamps for the cameraDraxtor vamps for the camera

14 Sailing CommunitySailing Community

15 Rik and the opening keynoteRik and the opening keynote

16 Rik in shadesRik in shades

Photos from SLCC11 by Richard Finkelstein (Leko Littlebird). Photos may be used or published online or in print by Linden Lab, Conference organizers, or those depicted in the photos. All I ask is credit under either my real or SLname. To download files, first elect to view the file in the resolution desired. ORIGINAL SIZE yields highest resolution. For fun, feel free to take a peek at my RL work as a stage designer and performance photographer at I may be contacted at


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