SLCC 2011 – Authentic Avatar Brand: Build Trust Through Your Virtual Presence by Renne Brock-Richmond – SL Zinnia Zauber

renne brock-richmond title slideYour avatar is a visual representation of you. As a form of personal branding, your avatar must communicate your enthusiasm, openness, and mission to tap those productive, emotional interactions and encourage participation that online communities utilize. Discover how to create an expressive, consistent, and genuine appearance and animations that articulates your authentic motivation and to differentiate you, your cause, and your business from other avatars.

Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond (SL: Zinnia Zauber) is an artist, instructor, and superhero promoting the importance of creative education and community participation in the arts that are active and inclusive. Renne teaches art, computer, digital media, and social media use through Peninsula College, a Lecturer and Education Mentor for the University of Washington Certificate in Virtual Worlds Program, and conducts workshops for TechSoup’s Nonprofit Commons on branding, marketing, event production, and social media networking. She creates art, apparel, and virtual goods that embrace the empowerment of brilliant hues, individualism, and acceptance.


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