SLCC 2011 Selected Presentations MESH–VIDEO

mesh screenshotThese presentations are of particular relevance with today’s activation [23-Aug-2011] of Second Life Mesh Import.

The Future of Mesh in Second Life

Charlar Linden and Nyx Linden present an overview of Mesh import and what it can do for content creation, building, sharing, and selling in Second Life.

Charlie Hite (SL: Charlar Linden) has led efforts to develop and launch the Mesh project at Linden Lab. Charlie’s previous software experience is in a wide range of industries including; Visual Effects, Animation, Enterprise, Web, Online Games, Console Games and Finance. His work at Linden Lab seems to encompass absolutely all of his previous experience.


Getting your Feet Wet Building in Mesh

This is a newbies introduction on how to use free or OpenSource tools to make Mesh Objects. Examples of simpler tools and how to get them to work with Second Life’s Mesh Importer.

Larry Havenstein (SL: Thadicus Caligari) has been involved in Second Life since 2003. Larry has real life work involvement supporting Kansas State University and USDA eXtension projects in Second Life. He is an active builder in Second Life.



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