Top Twenty Reasons To Attend The UP Experience 2011

UP LOGOThe UP Experience is an annual thought-leader conference held each year in Greater Houston, featuring domain-expert speakers from every area of work and culture. The purpose is to educate, inspire, entertain and challenge by offering unique perspectives from unique people. Speakers are hand-selected for their ability to communicate, passionately and succinctly, as well as for their expertise. (You will NOT fall asleep!) Time is included in the conference for attendees to meet and talk with all speakers. Until now, conferences of this quality were offered only on the United States East and West Coasts.


Twenty Reasons To Attend The UP Experience 2011

20.  To get your picture in the paper
19.  To hear 16 world-class presentations in a row
18.  Because everything is better in Texas
17.  To meet the most interesting people in the world
16.  To better understand the economy
15.  To better understand politics
14.  For the entertainment, pleasure, and relaxation of pure novelty
13.  To understand people better and improve relationships (really)
12.  To learn how to live longer and happier (really)
11.  To get new ideas and new connections
10.  To impress your friends and blow the socks off your competitors

For the Time-Challenged
9.  To avoid having to read self-help books (by getting the scoop direct from the authors’ mouths)

For Egotists
8.  To have things to talk about at cocktail parties that no one else knows

For Parents
7.  To better raise your children (really)

For Business Persons
6.  To grow your career / business / enterprise (profit and non-profit)
5.  To help make where you live have the best economy, best lifestyle available, anywhere

For Non-Texans
4.  To establish your presence on America’s South Coast
3.  Because Texans are the most beautiful and powerful people in the world (join us!)

For Learners
2.  To learn new things you’d never learn elsewhere

And the #1 Reason…
1.  Because nobody does it better than Sheryl & Ernie Rapp (world-class conferences)

Save the date:
The UP Experience
October 27, 2011

8:30am – 4:30pm
Stafford Performing Arts Theatre
10505 Cash Road
Stafford,TX 77477


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