The Role Of Conflict And Extremism In Democracy

justice scales yin yang imageteach yourself a way to tell the difference…

Listening to the varied 9/11 10-year anniversary reports, I can’t help but reflect, we NEED the extreme points of view (e.g., We were wronged! It was our fault! We should have attacked harder! We should have turned the other cheek!). In a democratic society, we need to hear points of view taken to THE LIMIT: to weigh and balance where we as the people, who in a democracy, govern, stand.

And where we stand… adjusts over time. It had best do so. The appropriate reaction the first time might not be appropriate the next time. Hawk and Dove are not always right. Profit and Philanthropy are not always right. Pick one and go with it. Then adjust. In a democracy there is the opportunity for each of us to find our voice and speak up, with less systemic suppression. It’s not easy to say “Here I stand, I can do no other.” The alternative is worse.

TRANSLATION: There are no gurus. Make up your mind as you go along. Be willing to be mistaken as well as brilliant in your decisions. Teach yourself, over time, a way to tell the difference.

see also: Levels of Awareness – POLITICS


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