FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The UP Experience Brings 16 Global Thought Leaders to Houston

Julie Thompson
Accendo International

Sheryl Rapp
The UP Experience

The UP Experience Brings 16 Global Thought Leaders to Houston
Dan Pink, Joshua Cooper Ramo, Benjamin Zander, Katie Linendoll, and more convene in Houston for one extraordinary day.

HOUSTON – October 27, 2011 – The UP Experience – Unique Perspectives from Unique People – has announced the 16 prominent experts who will converge in Houston for a one-day event infused with exceptional people, exceptional thinking, and exceptional advances. Open to the public, The UP Experience features 16 onstage presentations on topics ranging from the global economy, technology, and medicine to education, social issues, and leadership. Now in its fourth year, The UP Experience will take place on Thursday, October 27th, at the Stafford Center Performing Arts Theater.

Designed for both professional and personal application, The UP Experience is an unprecedented day of learning, and exposing executives, leaders, and individuals to the trends, ideas, and global movements shaping our future. During 20-minute presentations, renowned scholars, scientists, business leaders, professors, humanitarians, technology and sociology experts, and innovators will captivate and enlighten the audience on the important developments affecting our businesses, our families, and our lives.

“UP isn’t an ordinary conference,” says Sheryl Rapp, co-founder of The UP Experience. “It’s a learning opportunity, a creative leadership conference, a think tank, and an entertainment event all in one. Our goal is to expose attendees to the unbelievable developments happening all around us, and do it in a way that is engaging and thought-provoking. It’s the type of event that primes attendees to shift from a closed-minded ‘why’ mentality to a more open-minded ‘what if’ mentality. Ultimately, UP is the catalyst that leads people to make better decisions and necessary changes that positively impact their lives.”

Unique in many ways, The UP Experience not only provides a forum where attendees see 16 phenomenal presentations all from one stage, but also offers attendees the chance to meet the presenters and participate in intimate Q&A sessions for more in-depth learning. Additionally, participants enjoy a catered lunch by a few of Houston’s premiere chefs, as well as the chance to network with prominent community and business leaders in attendance.

Thought leaders scheduled to speak at The UP Experience 2011 include:

  • Dr. Anthony Atala: Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, conducting groundbreaking work resulting in more than 200 national and international patents on generating new human cells, tissues, and organs in an effort to cure, rather than merely treat, disease.

  • Brené Brown: Research Professor at the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work, nationally renowned speaker, and best-selling author, focusing on authentic leadership and wholeheartedness in families, schools, and organizations.

  • Dr. David Eagleman: Neuroscientist, best-selling author, and Guggenheim Fellow, speaking on the brain science of consumer decision making and the influence of social context.

  • Marc Freedman: Founder and CEO of Civic Ventures and author of The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife, leading the movement and national discussion on finding purposeful work beyond retirement.

  • Chef Jeff Henderson: Food Network personality and best-selling author of his memoir, Cooked, offering his inspirational stories of personal triumph and the power of human potential.

  • Sal Kahn: Founder of The Khan Academy, paving the way for a new model for education and learning through a free, world-class virtual school that currently offers more than 1600 tutorials on math, science, and finance.

  • Stephen Klineberg: Professor of Sociology at Rice University, tracking more than 30 years of changes in demographic patterns, life experiences, attitudes, and beliefs of residents through the Houston Area Survey – something no other city in America has accomplished to such depth and degree.

  • Alison Levine: Former team captain of the First American Women’s Everest Expedition, drawing parallels between staying alive in the mountains and thriving in a fast-paced business world, focusing on overcoming odds, taking risks, and dealing with changing environments.

  • Katie Linendoll: CNET contributor, CNN commentator, and “The Chic Geek,” displaying her uncanny knack for effortlessly surfing the changing currents of everything from new technologies to the latest gadgets.

  • Dave Nelson: President of Dialogue Consulting Group and social-media expert, offering insights and strategies on social media and social networking that help organizations more effectively connect with internal and external customers.

  • Dan Pink: Best-selling author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, using 50 years of behavioral science to turn conventional wisdom upside down about what motivates us.

  • Joshua Cooper Ramo: Managing Director of Kissinger Associates, best-selling author, and China scholar, providing a big-picture view of “the new world disorder” and offering insight for positively navigating through the chaotic economic and global changes.

  • Laura Spanjian: Sustainability Director, City of Houston, discussing the projects and initiatives that will vastly improve the quality and efficiency of our environment and the long-term sustainability of our city.

  • Robert Stutman: Former head of the New York office of the Drug Enforcement Agency, sharing astounding facts and statistics about the level of substance abuse in the workforce, among our children, and throughout our society and what we can collectively do about it.

  • Ron White: The 2009 and 2010 USA National Memory Champion, teaching the tools and techniques necessary to have the best-trained memory.

  • Benjamin Zander: Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and best-selling author of The Art of Possibility, offering practical applications that promote attitude changes and enable us to live in a world of possibility.

Tickets to The UP Experience are $1000 per person and include all presentations, conference materials and gift bag for each attendee, catered lunch, refreshments throughout the day, and a closing reception. Corporate packages, Educator discounts, and Out-of-Towner discounts are also available. For additional information, visit or call 713-291-8408.

Note: Phone interviews with speakers are available prior to the event by request. In-person interviews will be available Oct. 26-27, 2011.


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