Sitearm – Virtual Collaboration Tool And Project Tips SLIDESET & TRANSCRIPT

virtual collaborative tools and project tips presentation snapshotGuest Speaker Presentation, Is One Life Enough, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin Virtually Live Campus

Virtual Collaboration Tool And Project Tips Presentation Transcript

Lecturer: Acuppa Tae
Assistant Lecturer & Transcriber: Locks Aichi
Guest Presenter: Sitearm Madonna

Is One Life Enough Module, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin Virtually Live Campus, 23-Nov-2011


Locks Aichi: Tae is welcoming Site and introducing him: Sitearm’s SL avatar is female but if you hadn’t noticed in RL he is male…
looks after virtual Dublin and took this module last semester and will be sharing that experience with you
Tae is now describing this year’s project…one team so everyone working together on a story telling project


Site: Project sounds like fun

these SL slides are on
as reference for later

Have been asked to talk for 20mins and then floor’s open for Q and A
these slides are images rezzing thru here…
will be telling you about my experience on IOLE [Is One Life Enough], and my own experience with virtual collaborative tools

First tip: there’ll be third party judges so, 1) tell ’em what you are gonna’ tell ’em (Introduction) 2) then tell ’em what you wanna’ tell ’em (Presentation) 3) then tell ’em what you told ’em (Recapitulation)

Acuppa Tae: smiles…

Site: it is impossible to underestimate the average intelligence of your audience
what you think was clear as crystal might not be…this means as a team you will have to agree upfront on what you want to tell

In my case, I am telling you about team facilitation, audience dynamics…*all* are virtual collaboration tools and tips that I’ve found useful

when you as a team are trying to come up with a storytelling project you will have a couple of ideas…
you will take existing options and you will have a rule for deciding what to kill off and be left with one and this is converging

*before that* you need to diverge by brainstorming for new options to consider…
there are brainstorming rules such as no shooting flying ducks
don’t shoot down ideas…instead build from all

*then* go to converge…
you select what you want to do

this is a team building concept….diverge-converge
it will give you more and better options to choose from than when you started

Acuppa Tae: yes!

Site: tooltips
I imagine you are blogging…Facebooking…etc. like last year.
I think of all these as multi-tools… like a Swiss army knife each can do more than one thing
but they can also be used *in parallel*, one multi-tool with another, e.g, Skype and SL
I use more than one depending on what it is good for…

next distinction was a key learning point…when email was not so passé…but was still magic
when abroad I could not call or mail my wife but I did have “telemail”
we could send and read messages when we were each awake in our own time zone

email or your Facebook chat…they’re all time delay chat…not real time
real time is now in this class or telephone
use both

this next slide shows a brainstorm list of all the online collaborative tools I’ve used to date
those with green shamrock I use daily
not necessarily in Real time… e.g., this guest talk was arranged over three weeks…over email…
I use Skype for real time conferences with friends; three or more people with project teams
I use Twitter daily…i share articles of interest across various platforms

Acuppa Tae: nods

Site: in world affairs, politics, economics, etc.
Twitter can be an automatic log of anything you found interesting and shared
it’s like a journal/log

I post on my blog longer articles and interests
and then I auto trigger it to share across my networks via Twitter and Facebook

if you are going to work together on a collaborative document such as PowerPoint, spreadsheet, report…Google Docs will work….you can keep it private or open it
have used this on a conference prep with other team members…
this can also done via a wiki
a bit less intuitive than Google Docs

can also use Dropbox or Yousendit
these ones are useful for sending high res pictures and video

Acuppa Tae: nodding in agreement

Site: the beauty of Dropbox is it’s like a shared folder on your pc…it’s what’s now called cloud computing

Open sim is the public domain version of SL

everything I’ve discussed is a virtual collaboration tip whether team building or tool
make sure you have a facilitator or lead
to make sure you get somewhere!
these slides are on


Acuppa Tae: clapping hands
Locks Aichi: thanks Site!!!

Locks Aichi: Q from Site: say yes, no, or maybe…for your circumstances was anything in the presentation of use to you?
howya: yes
efadapnk: yes
Blade Cayke: Yes
Jadeernest: yes!
Myk Vance: Yea

Locks Aichi: So any questions for Site while we have him here?
might ask him how he got started?

Myk Vance: I was… appointed… leader…

Jadeernest: how do you put slides on 2nd life?

Site: make an 800×600 .png file and upload this from your Build menu
will cost you 10 lindens each to upload

Locks Aichi: you have all just got 300Lindens from Tae
to get started with to upload, and do whatever you need for the project
don’t come back for more!

Site: I can loan you a slide presenter
another option is to just make slides on PowerPoint, put it online [e.g.,] look at it in SL or online.
I am 50/50 about the benefits of using slides *in* SL vs. online

Myk Vance: I was hoping we could sort some way to get the rules of engagement set down, not sure how to put the question…
But that’s an open question to ye all really so…

Locks Aichi: Site is kindly offering to help you with your slides…he needs a weeks notice though
advice: make friends with Site so you can stalk him online

howya: thx
efadapnk: coo
Jadeernest: Thank you Mr. Madonna!

Site: de nada

Locks Aichi: Thanks to Site…
presentation date is the 14…in the meanwhile thanks again

efadapnk: thank you
Myk Vance: Thanks, Site :)
Blade Cayke: Thanks!
Site: waves and poofs! : )

Locks Aichi: so the class can now go to continue working on their project

image courtesy: Is One Life Enough

2 Responses to “Sitearm – Virtual Collaboration Tool And Project Tips SLIDESET & TRANSCRIPT”

  1. Acuppa Tae Says:

    Thank you for joining the class today, Site. Your presentation was not only interesting and timely, it also gave us some very practical advice on how to proceed with the project. Always great to have your input.

  2. Class 7: Project, team working tools, part two « Virtual Environments: Is one life enough? Says:

    […] his knowledge of team working tools. The slides that accompanied Site’s talk are available on his blog, so you can review them again. Also, we will post the text version of the talk here once it has […]

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