The Hoi Polloi* And Genius In The 22nd Century

Technically we’re still in the 21st Century until January 1, 2101. One of my favorite shows of all time was The 21st Century by Walter Cronkite, America’s First Anchorman. If Walter could rename a century 100 years ahead of time so, I think, can we.

There are more Geniuses alive now than ever in the history of humankind. This is a simple statistical provable fact: if a Genius is the top 1% of the population (with respect to Intellect / Arts / Spirit), then because we have more people alive than ever in history, we therefore have more Geniuses alive than ever in history. Got that?

There can be no Geniuses without Hoi Polloi and there can be no Hoi Polloi without Geniuses. This means the 99% and the 1% are All In This Together.

No S**t Sherlock. So get off your elitist and populist butts and work together *Beatles flashback here* so we ALL win.

Thank you very much.

* hoi polloi: ordinary people


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