Strategic Vision By Zbigniew Brzezinski – A Brief Review

strategic vision book coverZbigniew Brzezinski was Carter’s National Security Advisor. His book, “Strategic Vision (2012),” identifies a key global factor, “political awakening” (“PA”). Z seems to identify “PA” as international resentment against the haves vs. the have-nots, and in particular (since the demise of the USSR) against the US:

“In its very early phases, political awakening tends to most impatient and prone to violence. Its passion is fueled by a deep sense of historically aggrieved self-righteousness.”

“Early political awakening is characterized by a focus on national, ethnic, and religious identity – especially identify defined by opposition to a detested external force rather than by abstract political concepts.”

“In today’s postcolonial world, the newly politically awakened partake of a common historical narrative… of continued personal disadvantage as the collective legacy of Western domination.” p. 32

I instead choose to identify “PA” as people like you and me, no matter what country we live in, nor what organization we work for, “waking up” to how much we are subjected to governmental / organizational narrative / hype about what we should / should not think / do.

Z adds:

“The younger generation of today is particularly responsive to political awakening because the Internet and cellular phones liberate these young adults from their often-confining local political reality.” p. 31

I am not sure the “younger generation” defined as “born after 1990” are paying that much attention. I WILL say the “GenX generation” defined as “born after 1980” ARE paying attention because they will be our next political and organization leaders.

Amazon link: Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power


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