Young Vs. Old Vs. Young – A Brief Reflection


Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen (Anne-Marie Duff, BBC, 2005)
Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett, Film, 1998)

Elizabeth I, Queen of England, is a fantastic icon upon whom to reflect young vs. old vs. young. She supplanted her sister Mary as a new wave in town to tolerate both the Catholic and Protestant religions. She lasted long enough, and successfully enough, to trigger a young (growth) vs. old (sustain) vs. young (further growth) working dichotomy.

She established a feminist position as “being married and of service to”  her country/citizens vs. “being married and of service to” any man/prince/king outside or inside the borders of England/France/Spain/Scotland/Wales/Ireland.

As Maiden/Matron/Crone (Matron as Mother Of Her Country) she survived past puberty, past adulthood, into elderhood while continuously helping to ensure her people continued to thrive.

She hung in there: a worthy role model for leaders / politicians from then ‘til now and beyond.

image courtesy: blackboxblue

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