Subscription-Based Enterprise Enrollment And Retention INFODIAGRAM

subscription-based enterprise enrollment and retention

Does your enterprise depend on contributions from membership, including new and retained members?

Enterprise: An individual or organization with a stated mission
Member: An individual or organization that contributes to the Enterprise to achieve its mission

Your marketing must coordinate between appealing to the general public, the candidate membership, and the existing membership base.

Do not take your general public or your existing membership base for granted. Retaining existing subscribers is ten times less expensive than acquiring new subscribers. You will have to appeal to both bases.

It’s not so easy to predict the future. It is possible to increase your organization’s ability to listen and more quickly respond.

For example, there may be many more candidate members hidden in the general public than you realize. Open up your mind-set and fine-tune your external marketing reach. Candidate members may even come to you, should you fine-tune your internal marketing and service reach, such that subscribed members can’t help but be amazed and spread the word.

The economic environment is shifting fast and furiously for at least the next decade. Stick to your enterprise mission and listen to the general public, the candidate membership, and the existing membership base for where you might further adjust and improve your marketing and service.

What you CAN and can NOT predict and how to cope VIDEO; Duncan J. Watts
Sustainability PRESENTATION; Siterma The World In 4D
Selling the Invisible CHAPTER NOTES; Harry Beckwith


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