“Is One Life Enough” Professional Social Media Course

DIT IOLE Class PresentationDo you want to master social media?

If you are in the UK/ROI Time Zone this is a Weekly Evening University-Level online course for 10 weeks at 99 Euro; If you are in the US Time Zone this is a Weekly Afternoon College-Level online course for 10 weeks at 127 USD.

Either way, whether or not your University/College accepts European Credit Transfer System credits, you will receive an accredited Dublin Institute of Technology Certificate of Successfully Completed Course Accreditation.

Module Summary

Dublin Institute of Technology LogoVirtual Environments: Is One Life Enough is an award-winning, college-credit, online course on the professional use of social media. Registration is now open for the 2012 module beginning October 11. Applicants must be 18 or older and have a good internet connection and computer. Weekly classes begin Thursday, October 11th, 8pm-9:30pm IST / 12noon-1:30pm PDT. Send email to sitearm@gmail.com or james.g.neville@gmail.com for application form.


The audience for this course is those seeking university-level training and/or in-service training credit in the Professional Use of Social Media Tools including Second Life, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, Google+, and YouTube. Students attend as Avatars and maintain online journals. Suitable for application to all disciplines including design, literature, media, arts, business, education, and technology. A technology background is not required however students must have a good internet connection and computer. Course includes online reading assignments, independent exploration, and student-student interaction between classes. Students will need to spend several hours a week online.

Dublin Virtually Live - O'Connell BridgeModule Description

A thorough knowledge of how online virtual environments and networking communities function is becoming increasingly essential for anyone working in cultural industries. In this module students will explore the creation, management and exploitation of content in blogs, online social networking sites, virtual worlds such as Second Life, video and picture hosting sites etc. The outcome will be an understanding of how to use these applications to achieve professional goals.

The module will be delivered entirely in Second Life, an online virtual environment manifested as a visual world accessed through a personalised avatar. Students will explore how the environment functions and examine and evaluate the way in which a virtual presence is created. They will establish and maintain virtual relationships and reflect critically on the process through a personal blog and postings on their social networking sites.

There is a strong focus on the impact of the regulations and conventions governing the creation and exploitation of content in various contexts to enable students to apply the theory of content creation in online spaces.

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:
. Access online virtual environments and networking communities to carry out specific activities;
. Create and manage their presence in virtual spaces;
. Establish and maintain virtual relationships;
. Explain how the regulations and conventions operating in online virtual environments and networking communities support the creation and management of content;
. Describe the potential outcomes from creating content;
. Apply this knowledge to create and exploit original content for online virtual environments and networking communities.

The module is worth 5 ECTS credits AND/OR a Certificate of Successful Completion

IOLE Update Autumn 2012

The module “Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough,” while offered in Second Life, is about a lot more than the Second Life platform.

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) lecturers Accupa Tae (John O’Connor) and Locks Aichi (Claudia Igbrude) teach activities and interactions that enhance key virtual collaboration skills such as teamwork, online collaboration, self reflection and expression, writing, and online participation issues such as identity, copyright and more. The DIT course is taught entirely online in Dublin Virtually Live, with the support of their host Ham Rambler (John Mahon) and registrar Sitearm Madonna (James Neville).

Having run the award-winning university module over the last 3 years, the lecturers continue to fine-tune content and approach to reflect the dynamic nature of online media. The course is offered not only to university students enrolled in DIT but also to selected Second Life Residents through sponsorships by Dublin Virtually Live. Some of these sponsored residents have used the course as experience to develop their own university-level courses in Second Life and other virtual environments.

While being strong on collaborative and group learning skills, the ability to learn independently by reflection is also honed. A key requirement of the module is that students keep a diary recording their thoughts about what they are learning on the course and in their experiences and  interactions with other students. For example Mino89 posted, “I feel my public speaking skills have improved, even if just a little. It’s a very important skill in all walks of life.”

Lecturers routinely poll attendees on completion of the course. Typical feedback comments include:
“I learned a lot about SL and picked up new skills along the way.”
“I learned a lot about copyright, which I found I didn’t really understand.”
“I have a better understanding of the internet, and learned things college wouldn’t have necessarily taught me.”
“I enjoyed the guest tutors and the lectures given, very interesting.”
“Top class, very well put together”
“I feel well versed in the content of this module. I felt, out of all modules, I was learning far more, as it was very self directed.”

In a recent module, guest tutors asked students what advice they would give to future IOLE attendees. Typical comments include:
“Go for it, you’ll learn a lot and won’t be bored.”
“It’s a great experience where multitasking is a virtue. It’s a relaxing and interesting way to learn of relating to others in virtual ways.”
“Engage in the class and you will learn a lot.”
“Connect with your classmates as much as you can. Network, network, network”

Completing its third year and with two national innovation awards under its belt (Republic of Ireland and UK), the DIT IOLE module continues to grow in reputation. Lecturers Tae and Aichi note that incoming students are at noticeably higher levels of being able to “catch on” to Second Life and the additional virtual collaboration tools with which they are required to become familiar.

Registration for the Autumn 2012 module is now open. DIT students should contact their DIT registrar. Second Life residents should contact sitearm@gmail.com or james.g.neville@gmail.com for application form.


Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is the largest provider of third level education in Ireland, with a campus that spans the city:
+ John O’Connor is Director and Dean of the College of Arts and Tourism;
+ Claudia Igbrude is eLearning Development Officer; Learning, Teaching Technology Centre.

Dublin Virtually Live (DVL) is a recreation of Dublin City online, celebrating the music, art, culture, and enterprise of Ireland:
+ John Mahon is Managing Owner, Dublin Virtually Live;
+ James Neville is Development Manager, Dublin Virtually Live and Managing Owner, Siterma The World In 4D.


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