Lucid Dreaming, Color, and Levitation

lucid-dream-flyingLucid Dreaming: Wherein you suddenly realize you are dreaming, it’s not "real", yet you stay there.

Color: Wherein your dream is in full color rather than monochrome, e.g. reds blues greens and the Sun so bright you cannot stare at it.

Levitation: Wherein you either a) jump off from a great height and land rather than die, or you b) rise from your current position and float and move; either way you begin to move and experiment.

When I was a child (<10 years) and now that I am older (>50 years) I find dreams of continuing renewed interest. My sister has "skating" dreams whereas I have "flying." In both cases, there is a great deal of enhanced freedom. Is that perhaps the definition of adulthood?

Image courtesy: How Stuff Works
Wikipedia: Lucid dream

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