“Is One Life Enough” Profession​al Social Media Course STARTS OCTOBER 11

Would you like to Master Social Media?

“Is One Life Enough” Professional Social Media Course
a: University-level online course taught weekly for 10 sessions
at: Dublin Institute of Technology Campus in Second Life
accredited by: Dublin Institute of Technology

The audience for this course is those seeking university-level training and/or in-service training credit in the Professional Use of Social Media Tools including Second Life, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, Google+, and YouTube. Students attend as Avatars and maintain online journals. Suitable for application to all disciplines including design, literature, media, arts, business, education, and technology.

Classes start next Thursday, October 11th at 12noon PDT (which is 3pm EDT and 8pm IST).

Full course background info here: https://sitearm.wordpress.com/category/dublin-institute-of-technology/

Send email to sitearm@gmail.com or james.g.neville@gmail.com for registration form.

You MUST have and know how to use a Second Life Avatar to participate. If you are in the UK/ROI Time Zone this is a Weekly Evening University-Level online course for 10 weeks at 99 Euro; If you are in the US Time Zone this is a Weekly Afternoon College-Level online course for 10 weeks at 127 USD. You may also register in-world for 10 weeks at 32,900 L$. Full price live is 10 weeks at 500 Euro / 640 USD.


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