How To Use Twitter…

These are your options… Pick One or More and Follow it!
1. Ignore it
2. Follow it but lightly
3. Post to it but lightly
4. Post to it with intent
5. Follow it with intent

Just in case, create a Twitter Account and include in your Profile a Tag Line (e.g., Sitearm is Planner and Expediter for Projects in Community, Spirituality, Arts.) and a Website or Blog Link (e.g.,

Post either of the following:
a) Selected articles that intrigue YOU
b) Selected articles that relate to YOUR current projects and activities
If you simply follow this procedure you will gradually accumulate Followers.
If you further want to accumulate Followers then:
c) Watch whom Twitter suggests is "Like You" to Follow (e.g., check their Profile and Tweets to see if they’re relevant to you)
d) Otherwise watch for selected individuals you might like to Follow.

See also: “Is One Life Enough” Professional Social Media Course


One Response to “How To Use Twitter…”

  1. week 2 « inishblog Says:

    […] you tweet, how your page looks etc. Judging from advice bloged by “Sitearm on using twitter,” (16/10/2012) the development of the persona is very important, and varies from site to […]

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