MOSES Office Hours Screenshot 19-Oct-2012

MOSES Office Hours Screenshot 19-Oct-2012 013-D Web is the set of internet technologies that put user browsers in an online, interactive 3D environment.

MOSES (Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy) is a privately-hosted, OpenSim, online virtual environment with stringent security from hackers.

MIAB (MOSES In A Box) is a portable, publically-licensed version of the experimental Project MOSES virtual environment which can be downloaded and installed on standalone individual or enterprise servers.

STTC (United States Army Simulation and Training Technology Center) provides state-of-the-art applied research to develop simulation technologies.

Hot topics at today’s Office Hours meeting were the Approved Participation Agreement and Recent Performance Adjustments to the MOSES Firewall. After a lengthy discussion on the formalized status of MOSES and MIAB, participants were invited to conduct a free-for-all, spontaneous capacity performance test by running and jumping and flying around all at once while still talking in chat. It was marvelous!

Selected Quotes

The project has reached a level of maturity such that it is no longer considered "proof of concept" and the STTC has decided to formalize the participation agreements between the MOSES project and its users. 

Douglas Maxwell, MSME
Science and Technology Manager
Virtual World Strategic Applications
U.S. Army Simulation & Training Technology Center (STTC)

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