MOSES Office Hours Screenshot(s) 26-Oct-2012

moses camera rig with john carpozza3-D Web is the set of internet technologies that put user browsers in an online, interactive 3D environment.

MOSES (Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy) is a privately-hosted, OpenSim, online virtual environment with stringent security from hackers.

STTC (United States Army Simulation and Training Technology Center) provides state-of-the-art applied research to develop simulation technologies.

Hurricane Sandy added spice to today’s MOSES Office Hours by flicking the power to the MOSES (Tampa, Florida-based) Network Routers off and on during the meeting, forcing a restart and a re-login of participants.

Resident OpenSimulator Expert Justin Clark-Casey immediately noticed that packet performance improved thereafter. So, new learning: Hurricanes Help MOSES aka Restart Sims Weekly.

MOSES Project Manager Douglas Maxwell shared screenshots of the MOSES Open Simulator Virtual Environment Servers and the brand-new MOSES 10 Digital Camera Rig for capturing real-world faces to translate into virtual-world avatars.

If you’re going to the Defense Game Tech 2013 User’s Conference April 17-19 in Orlando, Florida, you may just have a chance of seeing this technology live!

moses camera rig with douglas maxwellSelected Quotes

We have the skills, we have the technology, to interpolate the face mesh!

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MOSES 10 Digital Camera Rig image courtesy STTC; Shown is STTC Animator, John Carpozza. By shooting and interpolating various expressions, MOSES can create an Avatar with facial animations that can move based on what the Avatar is saying and what emotions the Avatar is expressing.

MOSES Avatar Translation image courtesy STTC; Shown is STTC Science and Technology Manager, Douglas Maxwell. A 3-D mesh is created with added photographic texture overlay for a final, photo-realistic Avatar usable in OpenSim or Second Life.

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