Explore your calling

inline-speeding-changes-modern-worldLife is a journey, it is said. A journey has waypoints. Without waypoints, and a destination, the journey seems to lack purpose. When the destination is reached, the journey is over. Its purpose, fulfilled, disappears. A new journey is required.

What of the duration before the new journey started? Is that duration pointless? If life is a journey, is its purpose only fulfilled at the end destination, or perhaps are a series of purposes fulfilled as each waypoint is met along the journey?

Perhaps life is experienced as multiple layers of waypoints, journeys, and destinations; experienced and fulfilled in multiple, varying time frames. Getting a good meal overlaps taking a doctoral degree overlaps getting a good night’s sleep overlaps having a series of successful careers overlaps starting a family overlaps completing one’s life’s work overlaps taking the next breath.

If this is the case, and if each of us has a calling, a theme of intention, a seam of purpose, that runs throughout our life from beginning to this instant to end, how do we identify it? I think, perhaps, a true calling is too complex, too rich, too dense, too fractal to be distinguished with a mere label. I think, perhaps, it will take a lifetime to fully express one’s calling. One’s calling is a work of art in progress. One’s calling is a journey of constant exploration, with waypoints and pauses along the way.

waveform image courtesy hazure


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