Virtual Collaboration Tips and Tools – an Is One Life Enough Presentation

virtual collaboration and tools slide screenshotIOLE (Is One Life Enough) is an accredited professional social media course taught online in Dublin Virtually Live by Dublin Institute of Technology, for those seeking university and/or professional level training credit. The next available module starts February, 2013.

Sitearm (James Neville) is DIT Guest Tutor and SL Registrar for IOLE.

Virtual Collaboration and Tool Tips This presentation was given 22-Nov-2012.

. Discuss – challenges of collaborating with people online, project approaches, engaging with outside communities, tools
. Using – project experiences of working in virtual worlds and being a graduate of IOLE
. Able to address with regard to your own career:
  + Team working tips
  + Team presentation tips
  + Community engagement tips
  + Virtual tool tips


One Response to “Virtual Collaboration Tips and Tools – an Is One Life Enough Presentation”

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    […] Panel discussion on group working. Panel members: Site, Inish and Dudley. Site has kindly put up notes used here. […]

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