IOLE Class Screenshot 29-Nov-2012

IOLE Class Screenshot 29-Nov-2012IOLE (Is One Life Enough) is an accredited professional social media course taught online in Dublin Virtually Live by Dublin Institute of Technology, for those seeking university and/or professional level training credit. The next available module starts February, 2013.

DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) is the largest provider of third level education in Ireland, with a campus that spans the city.

Ham Rambler (John Mahon) is originator and owner of Dublin Virtually Live, a recreation of Dublin City online, celebrating the music, art, culture, and enterprise of Ireland.

Guest lecturers at today’s IOLE Class included Ham Rambler, who covered issues of content creation in Second Life®. Ham spoke to how to give visitors an authentic feel for the city of Dublin, without totally overwhelming the limited capacity of one private island, and how to establish and maintain relationships with real world content owners, whose content has been to some degree reproduced in Dublin Virtually Live.

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One Response to “IOLE Class Screenshot 29-Nov-2012”

  1. inishkaru Says:

    this course has opened my eyes to so much I really had no idea or thoughts on – well worth doing!

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