MOSES Office Hours DSG Test 07-Dec-2012 01

MOSES Office Hours DSG Test 07-Dec-2012 01The MOSES Community is a professnal online networking group researching the ability of OpenSimulator platforms to provide independent, high-security, high-performance access to three-dimensional, online, interactive virtual environments.

Distributed Scene Graph (DSG)  is a technology developed by Intel Corporation to enable 3D web experiences to extend to massive numbers of OpenSim users.

Hot topic at today’s MOSES Office Hours was a test of the MOSES region running on dual servers connected by Intel’s Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) technology. DSG allows massive numbers of OpenSim users to interact live with each other without lag.

For today’s test, 12 logged into region mosesdsg2, and 12 logged into mosesdsg5; yet each one of the 24 could see every other one of the 24, and chat and communicate together. Users were logged in from 9 states and 3 countries. The Office Hours load test is part of preparations for much larger exercises to be conducted by STTC. Intel members of the MOSES Community include Robert Adams, Mic Bowman, Dan Lake, and Kitty Liu.

Selected quotes

Bandwidth increases quadratically with the number of users. For n users, each making a move, the server sends n(n-1) updates.

n=2; 2 updates
n=5; 20 updates
n=10; 90 updates
n=20; 380 updates
n=50; 2,450 updates
n=100; 9,900 updates
n=200; 3,980 updates
n=500; 249,500 updates
n>500; n*n updates

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