others and beyond…

other_mother“We are always trying to prove that we are not what we think our parents think/thought we are.”

This is true whether our parents are alive or not – their physical presence is not required. If you buy that, ouch!

What does this have to do with regard to our current identities? According to one theory, we are always driven by what we recall of our parents. For example, we all try to be like either our Mother or our Father, and we try NOT to be like either our Mother or Father. How Freudian is that?! Do you buy it?

Furthermore, according to theories, our relationships with Others, as in business, or avocation, or other are to family members, whether they are Mothers, Fathers, or Siblings. So, that said, either you are my Mother, Father, Sister, or Brother. Does that ring a bell?!

Out of curiosity, might there be a Fifth Relationship beyond?! For example, Fully Functioning Adult/Partner? And/Or beyond?

Well, yes, I think so…

image courtesy Elfwood


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