MOSES Office Hours Screenshot 29-Mar-2013

MOSES Office Hours Screenshot 29-Mar-2013

3-D Web is the set of internet technologies that put user browsers in an online, interactive 3D environment.

MOSES Community is a professional, online networking group researching the ability of OpenSimulator platforms to provide independent, high-security, high-performance access to three-dimensional, online, interactive virtual environments. Backgrounds include military, technology, government, education, industry, and the arts.

Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) is a technology developed by Intel Corporation to enable 3D web experiences to extend to massive numbers of OpenSim users (100′s of users online at once in the same region with no lag).

Today’s hot topic was debriefing on last week’s Distributed Scene Graph / Multiple Online Users Role Play Experiment #1. All went well and we learned a lot and Experiment #2 will be announced soon. There were 90 roles available but 120 signed on. In the end there were 70 online at any one time. All had a blast and are looking forward to the next test.

Quote of the Day: "We are very happy with Friday’s experiment. Key areas for improvement were identified and it has given us direction to work in." Douglas Maxwell


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