MOSES Office Hours Screenshot 12-Apr-2013

moses office hours 12-apr-2013_001

3-D Web is the set of internet technologies that put user browsers in an online, interactive 3D environment.

MOSES Community is a professional, online networking group researching the ability of OpenSimulator platforms to provide independent, high-security, high-performance access to three-dimensional, online, interactive virtual environments. Backgrounds include military, technology, government, education, industry, and the arts.

Today’s hot topics were the upcoming Game Tech Conference April 17-19 Orlando, FL, successful MOSES Firewall Updates, and MOSES opening another 100 new sims.

To join the MOSES Community, click here. (PS Do not be overly alarmed by the warnings… if you have a sincere interest in 3-D Web and are not a terrorist… jump on in… not kidding).

Quote of the Day: "We are continuing to hammer on MOSES and test its limits. We have discovered extra overhead in the network and will continue tweaking to squeeze the most performance possible. I appreciate the dedication and perseverance of the MOSES community as we work through the best processes. We could not be able to properly exercise the MOSES grid without their participation." Douglas Maxwell

Also: An excellent article from Gwyneth Llewelyn about SL/OS 3-D Web technologies and their staying power. In particular, both are working with partners to extend what’s possible and both have very strong followings.


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