Is One Life Enough Class Presentation Screen Shots 02-May-2013

3-D Web is the set of internet technologies that put user browsers in an online, interactive 3D environment.

Is One Life Enough is an award-winning, college-credit, online course on the professional use of social media taught entirely online at the Dublin Institute of Technology Campus in Second Life and accredited by the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Graduating class presentations today featured presentations by Mike, JC, and Eliza on "Changing Tides." Enjoy pictures and presentation highlights below.

Next class, available to selected SL Residents, begins October 3, 2013 (general information here).


Mike’s Talk Highlights (SL Resident – European Language School Director)

While education to begin with had the "monopoly" to filter and to deliver nearly all content from the surrounding world culture, which seemed relevant for class work, to the student, technical developments and the offers of social media providers have changed the learning reality for students of today, in 2013. Education now only "controls" a minor part of the student’s contacts with the outside authentic world culture and their participation in valuable multicultural online communities. Furthermore, this evolvement for the student carries huge potentials of motivation for socializing and hereby also for learning from others as the professional personnel in educational institutions. Not to lose reliability and trustworthiness in the student’s eyes, education has to move its focus towards the scenes and communities, which accumulate their student’s interest. Educational approaches of the future will probably need to have their core in a setting of together learning, as teachers won’t be able to cover all kinds of their students’ social media use. The way forward would have to be to establish reconceptualized teacher roles, which mainly take the focus of being the student’s critique friend in his/her own construction of the learning process.

JC’s Talk Highlights (DIT Student- Design and Visual Communication)

Though Changing Tides are happening, Web 3.0 will be semantic, like a personal assistant. Example: if you shop for items that you would like online, this semantic web would naturally collect data about what you like and recommend to you another item similar to your like. YouTube currently shows ads relevant to your likes but 3.0 will analyze and categorise data by itself. With 3.0, it won’t need humans to interact, it will be intelligent. Business and consumer market created content will be the future in design and technology. 3.0 will be concentrated on you; finding information faster, increasing your intelligence – your 3.0 lifestream will be a diary of your life online, stored in a database. So with human interaction, we need to be careful on what information we give to this device. That goes for everything: you must know what you are signing up to; the point is to be aware of how much of your life you want to control.

Eliza’s Talk Highlights (DIT Student – Visual and Critical Studies)

The lack of embodiment forces users to apply identity in an out of context manner. Depending on ones personality a user performs with little conscious thought whilst simultaneously reading other users’ identities at an unconscious level. The internalised version of the self is not necessarily that which is portrayed on Facebook. The self in reaction to Western society is in itself a construct but the self in relation to Facebook can be vastly different, a separation occurs between the true self and the acting self much like Freud’s ego, the id and the super-ego. Individuals tend to convey only certain aspects of their identity in social interactions. With this in mind, by looking at the body-subject and personal representations, I argue that Facebook users present only particular facets of their internal identity, maintaining control of their digital environment and its representation and becoming “prisoners of our own creations.”


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  1. dudleydreamscape Says:

    They were interesting presentations – unfortunately too brief to let us go into a lot of the interesting ideas with them.

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