Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough, Professional Social Media Course, AUTUMN 2013 ONLINE CLASS

05_iole class 02-may-2013_MikeThe next Is One Life Enough Professional Social Media Class is scheduled to start October 3rd 2013.

Would you like to Master Social Media?

The “Is One Life Enough” Professional Social Media Course is a University-level online course taught weekly for 10 sessions held at Dublin Institute of Technology Campus in Second Life and accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology.

The audience for this course is undergraduates, professionals, and professional educators seeking university-level training and/or in-service training credit in the Professional Use of Social Media Tools including Second Life, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, Google+, and YouTube. Students attend as Avatars and maintain online journals. Suitable for application to all disciplines including design, literature, media, arts, business, education, and technology. A technology background is not required, however, students must have a good internet connection and computer. Course includes online reading assignments, independent exploration, and student-student interaction between classes. Students will need to spend several hours a week online.

If you are an experienced SL Resident there is a significant discount for you to participate… either as a Business Person, Artist, Academic Professor, or Independent… If you are already a Dublin Institute of Technology Student look for it in your DIT curriculum guide.


Full course information and credentials here
SL inquiries / registrations: James Neville (SL: Sitearm Madonna)
DIT inquiries / registrations: Claudia Igbrude (SL: Locks Aichi)

Highlights from recent graduating class here


2 Responses to “Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough, Professional Social Media Course, AUTUMN 2013 ONLINE CLASS”

  1. Philip Solo Says:

    I am interested in registering for this course from a UK location. I am a Lifetime Member in Second Life as well as having working experience in virtual worlds / social media.


    Este hermoso mundo virtual llamado SL, es muy interactivo, por eso me gustaria seguir este curso, saludos desde Quito-Ecuador

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