MOSES Office Hours Screenshot 13-May-2013; Grand Challenge – Scalability INTEL

Grand Challenge - Scalability INTEL3-D Web is the set of internet technologies that put user browsers in an online, interactive 3D environment.

MOSES Community is a professional, online networking group researching the ability of OpenSimulator platforms to provide independent, high-security, high-performance access to three-dimensional, online, interactive virtual environments. Backgrounds include military, technology, government, education, industry, and the arts.

Today’s hot topic was the presentation by Dr. Mic Bowman, Senior Researcher at Intel Corp, on "Intel Technologies for Scalable Virtual Environments".

Accompanied by his team of Robert Adams, Dan Lake, and Kitty Liu, and emceed by Douglas Maxwell, we were treated to a bravura performance. This was, also, the first full-voice presentation in MOSES (with accompanying text transcription courtesy Dr. Cynthia Calongne – Lyr Lobo).

mic intel first slideFull Slide Deck

Mic Bowman is a principal engineer in Intel Labs and leads the Virtual World Infrastructure research project. His team develops technologies that enable “order of magnitude” scalability improvements in virtual environments opening the door to new levels of immersiveness and interaction among players.

Douglas Maxwell is Science and Technology Manager for the U.S. Army Research Lab, Simulation and Training Technology Center in Orlando, Florida. He is director of Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy (MOSES), an United States Army training research project.

Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) is a technology developed by Intel Corporation to enable 3D web experiences to extend to massive numbers of users. It is considered experimental code and is available under a BSD free software / open source license.


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