MOSES Office Hours Screenshot 10-Jun-2013; Public Avatar Scalability Experiment #2

DSG2-Brentville-Atropia-MAP1aToday’s hot topic was the announcement that MOSES DSG Public Avatar Scalability Experiment #2 is now open for registration. Full details and registration information are provided at

MOSES DSG Avatar Scalability Experiments are collaborative efforts of the U.S. Army’s Simulation and Technology Training Center (STTC), Intel Labs, the MOSES Community, and public participants. Experiments are designed to achieve proof of concept that more than 100 – and in future experiments more than 1,000 – users may operate in the same virtual environment at the same time while participating in realistic training missions.

Experiments take place in the custom-designed MOSES DSG Grid OpenSimulator world, using Intel Labs Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) technology. Some of the Intel DSG grid servers are virtual cloud servers in various geographic locations such as Boston, Chicago and San Jose. The core servers are hosted by STTC in Orlando, Florida. Avatars can log in from Windows, Mac and Linux systems using the MOSES DSG customized/recommended viewers (Firestorm).

Creating a realistic training experience requires numbers of entities interacting in the virtual world, virtual locations that are proportionally correct, and immersive activities in complex environments. The most effective training is achieved in well-designed environments using defined characters in situational Role Play. For example, a US military force must patrol a foreign, remote mountain valley village outside active military conflict areas. Participants opt to play either a US soldier or a townsperson in the fictional town of Brentville in the fictional country of Atropia (see map above).


MOSES DSG Overview
MOSES DSG #2 Registration


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