SL10B Auditorium Tomorrow, Tuesday, 10am PDT: Presentati​on in Second Life about the "Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy (MOSES) Community"

You are invited to a presentation in Second Life about the “Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy (MOSES) Community.”

WHEN: Tomorrow, Tuesday, 10-11am PDT (1-2pm EDT; 6-7pm BST)
WHERE: Second Life 10th Birthday Spectacular Auditorium
WHAT: Professional online networking community – meet weekly, researching the ability of 3-D web platforms to provide high-security, high-performance access, and conducting bimonthly Avatar Scalability Experiments open to the public.
PRESENTER: Sitearm Madonna (James Neville), MOSES Community Newsletter Managing Editor

The Second Life 10th Birthday extravaganza has kicked off and features exhibits, events, and presentations. Log in early, or stay late, to explore and enjoy the festivities!

The presentation will explain where the community meets, when it meets, the topics that are covered, who attends, and why. It will review example member projects and benefits, including estate grants and the MIAB Secure Virtual World Software. The presentation will discuss, and invite participation in, this Friday’s Avatar Scalability Experiment.

Community Members: Come by and network and pitch in on the discussion!
Interested Parties: Come by and find out about the project directly!

SL10B Auditorium Tuesday, 10am PDT: Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy Community
Networking – Other SL people in MOSES
Learning – Your own virtual world software to experiment with

SL10B Spectacular Auditorium, SL10B Spectacular (28, 254, 24)


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